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Limited liability company «Cascade»

Security Guarantee Your Business

	Охрана офисов и территорий авто, аэро, железнодорожных вокзалов, офисов общественных учреждений, дипломатических корпусов и их жилые помещения. Охрана магазинов, открытых и стационарных грузовых складов, станций техобслуживания, строительных объектов, промышленных предприятий, автостоянок. Охрана бизнес центров, гостиниц, банков, казино, ломбарды. Охрана частных медицинских учреждений, учебных заведений, дошкольных и школьных учреждений, оптовых рынков и центров розничной торговли, дачные участки, общежития.


Limited liability company "Cascade"
Is founded by veterans of Special Forces of "Vympel" USSR State Security Committee, who passed war in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. LLC "Kaskad" is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan by the number 001-3139 on August 10, 2006.
Our main customers are:

  • The Russian company "Beeline" which objects are located in the cities of Dushanbe, Khujand, Kurgan - Tube, Kulyab and Khorog;
  • Ltd. "Sozidanie" which owns business center in the city of Dushanbe,

Previously, we have provided security services

  • to the company "RUSSIAN HOTELS" 5 * hotel "Hyatt,
  • LLC "Design, technology, communication"
  • LLC "ASIAN EXPRESS Airlines" in Dushanbe.

Based on the orders of our firms and companies, we can provide the meeting, support and protection of VIP persons on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and Afghanistan, as well as in CIS countries.
According to the Charter of LLC "Kaskad", we offer the following services:
1. Protecting the life and health of employees of the customer;
2. Protection of the property of owners, including in the process of transportation;
3. Design, installation and maintenance of fire and security alarm and security equipment;
4. Advice and recommendations for clients on legal protection against illegal encroachments on the property and health of the customer;
5. Protection and security of any objects;
6. Ensuring the security and safety in the workplace.
For high-quality on-site security services our experts conduct expert assessment, carefully analyze the level and likelihood of potential threats to the protected object property. Together with the "Customer" and our specialists produced a set of measures (organizational, regime, technical, etc.) to counter possible threats by developing a system of protection of the object property.

Effective protection of the object is provided by following:
• High-quality and rigorous selection of security guards to work in the protected area.
• Improvement of security systems at the facility
• A clear and constant interaction with the local department of internal affairs
• Study the local crime situation near the object of protection
• Constant training of guards
Our company mission is first and foremost attention to the "Customer".
Quality provision of security services to "Customer" is the most important task of "Kaskad" LLC.
In our team works only professionals:

  • who allocate most important,
  • who are able to set priorities in their work and efficiently implement them,
  • who have good health and ambitions,
  • who have a non-trivial thinking,
  • who are able and willing to work.

Security services are provided in uniform (with chevrons of "KASKAD" and stripe «SECURITY») according seasons (winter, summer) and with the badge card of guards.
We develop our own technology in the field of security, summarizing and analyzing long-term experience of foreign private security companies.

Contacts: (+992) 91-900-90-40; (+992 37) 234-23-89
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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